From manufacturing to shipping. We execute each step of the logistics process with planning and exact precision, so that the management and distribution of the products occur perfectly, and the deliveries arrive on time determined by our factory!


Brazil Cosmetics products are certified by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and approved in the main international laboratories. We do not test on animals and are 100% cruelty free. Do you want to know more? click here 😀


The Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry qualifies and adds value to our products and services. It shows how we have grown in this professional cosmetics market over the years.


Brazil Cosmetics cherish total transparency, and our customers have access to follow the complete product manufacturing process, production, separation and finally the delivery of their products. Private Brand.


Our Trajectory

THE Brazil Cosmetics ® is a brazilian company with international operations, manufacturer of professional hair cosmetics, and specialized in high quality straightening products aimed at professionals from all over the world. We have been in the market for 15 years making history, with the brands Amazon Flowers, Ipanema Biorestore and Very Intense Protein, through authorized distributors and sole agents.

More than 15 years ago

Growing up and making dreams come true...

Discover the brands Brazil Cosmetics

Each brand has its moment.


It provides to the hair with greater combability, shine, softness and volume reduction.


It is a permanent and organic hair straightening, developed from vegetable origin!


Organic straightening, Reconstruction, Restoration, balanced and complete formula!


Of organic origin, developed to provide hydration and nutrition to the hair.


vision that generates

We care about the stability of Nature. With total exclusivity and unique formulas, our factory develops your private Brand and, originally, generates products with Brazilian plant and natural components.

We are specialists in organic straightening that does not harm nature and animals. We produce the entire project to create your brand, including the design and structuring processes, from the brand registration in health agencies in Brazil.

Good Environmental Practices

We seek to disseminate good environmental practices, with ecologically correct attitudes aiming at impacts on the environment through changes in the company's culture and that of its commercial partners.

To reduce, to reuse and to recycle

Through a corporate effort to produce more and better and with the least possible environmental impact, maintaining the quality of products and services. We call it 3R's practices.

Health Safety

Aiming at safety, Brazil Cosmetics invests in particulate capture systems, energy reuse, selective waste collection, recycling and employee training.

BODY FOR HAIR As specialists in professional hair straightening and cosmetics, we offer high performance products. Learn More → FOR HAIR FOR FACE FACE We will develop customized makeup products to make you stand out in the market, with organic components. Learn More → BODY Your brand now has the chance to have an amazing and personalized body care line with Brazil Cosmetics! Learn More →


Private label

With total exclusivity and unique formulas, our factory develops Private Brand projects generating products with organic and natural Brazilian raw material.

As a specialist in organic straightening that does not harm the environment and animals, we produce the entire project to create your brand, including not only the design and structuring processes and the registration of the brand in health agencies in Brazil and around the world, but also also the elaboration of the logo, bottles and products in 30 days.

Currently, we produce more than 15 Private Label projects worldwide. Join us!


produced for us

are already more than 15 Years on the Market great achievements in 2021 Award in Rio de Janeiro there are already more than 20 partners
award in São Paulo award of
featured company


Firm work, generates
great results

"Brazil Cosmetics is a partner company. Whenever I need large-scale and quality materials, I turn to their team. We are satisfied with the unique service they provide to their customers.

Denis Santos

"I have a special affection for Brazil Cosmetics, because from the beginning of my project it absorbed my real need, I am grateful for this care and the entire team.

Carlos dos Santos


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Get in touch with one of our consultants via WhatsApp (13) 3594-4511 and learn everything you need from the idea of creation to the design of the brand.

How does sample submission work?

We ship samples directly to your door. There is no limit to how many samples you can order!

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