Our specialty

Have you ever thought about developing your hair products brand? Brazil Cosmectics specialists develop high-level projects from manufacturing, registration in health agencies and elaboration of your brand's visual identity.

We produce private labels all over the world with personalized and unique formulas. We want to provide our customers with the opportunity to be well positioned in the global cosmetics market. To make it come true, we align your dreams with our execution!

Private Label: for hair

With the concept of Private Label, Brazil Cosmetics offers you a wide range of products with formulas already developed, tested and approved.

By choosing to outsource production, you choose among the products available in our catalog those that best fit you.


What we cherish


Our mission is to provide the best products with the highest technology in the area of hair cosmetics.


Grow in partnership with brands that also value product quality!


Above all, humanized service, from production to delivery.


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Common questions

How do I get my cosmetics brand?

Unbranded products are products without any branding. The advantage of having access to these products? You can sell them on your store instantly by switching them to assets.

How does sample submission work?

We ship samples directly to your door. There is no limit to how many samples you can order!

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