Present in more than 60 countries, we have been making history for 15 years,
in the cosmetics market
side of great partners.


Our mission is to provide the best products with the highest technology in the area of hair cosmetics.


Grow in partnership with brands that also value product quality!


Above all, humanized service, from production to delivery.


Bringing our partners/customers a unique and sustainable product.


Paulo Amorim

With extensive experience in the field of cosmetics and international business, Paulo Amorim is at the forefront of this project that we consider to be more than special. The project aims to create new entrepreneurs in the cosmetics sector not only in Brazilian cities, but, in fact, all over the world. This action will be made possible by exclusive agents and new owners of cosmetic brands. "It's not just about business or money, it's about transforming lives!"


Lilian Passion

It is at the forefront of the research and development sector of new organic, natural and vegan formulas for cosmetics. He has in his curriculum the development of major brands such as Amazon Flowers, Ipanema Biorestore, Very Intense Protein and others. Through these brands today Brazil Cosmetics has great success stories with entrepreneurs all over the world. "Brazil, together with its nature, allows us to go beyond the expectations of our customers.

Our Factory

Brazil Cosmetics has a factory of more than 1000m² and a distribution center with 800m². We got it all to serve our partners with excellence. Posicioned in strategic locations, we are located in the city of Praia Grande in São Paulo, very close to the Port of Santos, in order to meet customer demand more quickly and safely!


The sustainability initiative here at Brazil Cosmetics goes beyond a trend. We do not only consider the economic factor, but we assume a role in the sustainable development of the planet, restructuring production processes and even choosing partners that offer services to improve environmental performance.


We are here to listen to you...

Common questions

How do I get my cosmetics brand?

Get in touch with one of our consultants via WhatsApp (13) 3594-4511 and learn everything you need from the idea of creation to the design of the brand.

How does sample submission work?

We ship samples directly to your door. There is no limit to how many samples you can order!

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